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Brands We Carry

d.g.bremner & co. menswear is a luxury sportswear retailer for men, with a focus on adult denim, fabulous shirts, and beautiful sweaters. We strive to bring you a diverse range of fits and fabrics from a variety of quality manufacturers including:


7 Downie St. ~ Agave  ~  Belika ~ Dion

Green Coast ~ Hiltl ~ Horst ~ Klauss Boehler  ~  Left Coast Tee

Luchiano Visconti ~ Modango ~ Montebello ~ 34 Heritage

Psycho Bunny  ~  Stone Rose  ~  Vernizzi  ~  Ethnic Blue


Washing Instructions:

We want your garments to have a long life cycle, therefore caring for your clothing is not a black and white issue. We suggest not to launder your garments unless they really need to be washed. Consider hanging your garment up in a shower stall after a wear to let the fabric breath before putting it back in the closet and you’ll get a lot more life out of that piece. Following the instructions on the care label is a good routine to keep. Feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding care of your garments, or ask your trusted local dry cleaner for their guidance.

Need a hand translating your care label? Here is a Guide to Common Home Laundering & Drycleaning Symbols

108 Responsesto “Brands We Carry”

  1. eebremner says:

    and many many more!

  2. Dennis Bater says:

    I was in on May 16, great selection of summer shirts, so many in fact that I forced myself to buy only two. If you are looking for lightweight summer pants which I never intended to but couldn’t pass up because of the great price they have them. Great place to shop, great selection and the best personal customer care in any men’s wear store I have been in. Hey, I sound like a commercial, sorry about that!

  3. Bob Gordon says:

    Having shopped at your store(s) for a number of years now I have acquired a great winter, summer and fall collection for every occasion . Many thanks to Dave , Erin and all the staff for their professional advice and help with style selection and fitting.

  4. Leah says:

    Do you carry “Old Guys Rule” tees?

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